Goodman Furnace Parts

Goodman Furnace Parts – meticulous quality control exercised on every piece


Whether you are getting a new model of Goodman furnace or there is already one when you bought your house, you will always need Goodman furnace parts to keep it working at its best performance. Goodman gas furnace parts are easily available in many online and offsite outlets but if your furnace model is quite old, the internet might be the best place to look. If you are not familiar with a furnace and how it works, you can always refer to a Goodman heating and cooling furnace parts list as guide.

Legacy Of Goodman

There is a great reason why thousands of people automatically turn to Goodman furnace parts when they look for quality parts for their furnace installation. For more than 30 years, the company concentrated on things that are more essential than mere brand recognition advertising. Goodman focused on the engineering; manufacture and design of dependable consumer items that have aided countless homeowners get high quality, affordable and reliable comfort. Further, the brand earned the respect and loyalty of thousands of independent cooling and heating professionals throughout the continent.

Started operation during the fifties, the Goodman Manufacturing Company can be found today in Houston, Texas. All of its production facilities are certified ISO9001. This is an independent standard that is accepted around the world as the yardstick for management and manufacturing processes. Hence, every component that comes from the plant is considered as dependable Goodman furnace parts.

Maintenance Tips

Even Goodman furnace parts will be affected whenever debris and dirt accumulates inside your furnace. The device will create less heat and your power consumption will shoot up. Thus, it is important that you do regular cleaning on your Goodman furnace. Just make sure that you consult a Goodman furnace manual first so that you can familiarize yourself with the inner workings of the equipment. If you do not have any instructions to guide you, clean your furnace once you notice that it is not working normally. This will mainly depend on how old your furnace model is. Basically, there are two furnace parts that need frequent cleaning, which are the blower and the filter.

Here are the steps in cleaning Goodman furnace parts:

  • Turn the furnace off by flipping the right breaker switch. Allow enough time for the furnace to cool down completely before trying anything.
  • Take the furnace cover off by pulling on the metal plate. Set it aside.
  • Slide the air filter out. You can find the filter next to the blower. If it is not usable anymore, replace it with a new one. If it can still be used, rinse it with clean water to remove all dust and debris. The filter should only be air dried.

  • If the filter area is caked with dirt and dust; clean it with a used toothbrush.
  • Next, take the blower out by loosening its screws or sliding it out. Remove dust buildup on the blower with a brush. The blower casing and sides must be brushed as well.
  • Once the air filter has dried, put it back and replace the furnace cover.

Follow the steps above to retain the quality of its service for a much longer duration.